Hello, JavaFX World

I’m just starting to learn JavaFX and I want to share my insights on my path towards mastering JavaFX. I hope that there will be a time when all the try-out-sessions ands mistakes I do now will eventually be useful someone else :)

Getting started - but with what resources?

JavaFX Ensemble

Oracle provides a sample application that showcases all the available controls. For me this demo was quite helpful for deciding to give JavaFX a try. You can get it on the Oracles Java 8 Download Area and choose the Demos and Samples Downloads, which contains all the Java platform demos and samples. You can find the ensemble under demo/javafx_samples.

JavaFX Documentation

There already is quite a lot of material out there to start with. What I found helpful was the documentation of JavaFX on Oracle’s website. Fortunately you can download all the chapters as mobi or epub and then put them to your favorite ebook reader. This enabled me to have a look at the basics before going to bed or even while in the sauna.

JavaFX RefCard

If you prefer to start coding right away, there is an awesome RefCard that summarizes all the important things to know. You can start coding right away with this cheat sheet. However, it is suited for gaining an overview of all important concepts, as well.