Coming from web-development, you’ll most likely know iconic fonts as for example Bootstrap’s Glyphicons or Fontawesome and there’s even more of them. They help a lot in creating appealing UIs. Naturally, I thought it’d be helpful if I could use them in JavaFX as well, after all they’re just fonts. Changing the font of a control isn’t hard and reading a custom font from META-INF is not rocket science either, but still…


With FontawesomeFX using Fontawesome in JavaFX becomes awesomely simple. It provides you with an enumeration of all available icons. The enum values match the icon names that you can find on the fontawesome icon page, for example FontAwesomeIcon.SEARCH for fa-search. FontawesomeFX comes with additional icon sets that work in the same way:

Including FontawesomeFX with maven

FontawesomeFX is available from maven central, currently in version 8.7:


Integration in Scene Builder

Jens Deters provides a video tutorial on how to integrate FontawesomeFX in Scene Builder.

Using an icon as caption

You can use the GlyphsDude to set the caption of a control, for example:

import de.jensd.fx.glyphs.GlyphsDude;
import de.jensd.fx.glyphs.fontawesome.FontAwesomeIcon;


Text icon = GlyphsDude.createIcon(FontAwesomeIcon.CHEVRON_CIRCLE_UP, "1.5em");
new Label().setGraphic(icon);

This works on javafx.scene.control.Labeled, which includes among others Button, Checkbox, Menu, MenuItem and even cells of TreeTableView. The size is a string because it is written directly as CSS attribute, thus enabling you to use px or em as sizing units.


With not even 500kb FontawesomeFX is an extremely helpful addition to nearly every program and is very easy to use.